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Last Update: Jun. 4, 2024

$1,249,972 Bad Beat Jackpot SMASHED At BetOnline


Watch as another MASSIVE $1,249,972 bad beat jackpot gets triggered at BetOnline Poker on Sunday, November 11th, 2018.

BetOnline user “santinhoz” gets dealt pocket tens UTG (“under the gun”) while playing at a $1/$2 No Limit Hold’em poker table, but falls right into a trap set perfectly by user “JC84“, who was dealt pocket aces.

Money begins to pile into the pot after an exciting Ace-Ten-Ten flop, but the real fireworks erupt when the final Ace is revealed on the river, giving both players a four of a kind.

Here is how much each player earned:

Santinhoz: $218,033.01

JC84: $155,826.91

WhoStackedYa?: $24,932.01

Sidny: $24,932.01

FEARmy Skill: $24,932.01

inflow: $24,932.30

Osteba: $24,932.30

The remaining amount was used by BetOnline Poker to reseed their next online poker bad beat jackpot.

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