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Blockchain.Poker Review

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Site Details

  • Network:Independent
  • Products:Poker
  • Deposit Options:Bitcoin
  • Payout Options:Bitcoin
  • Platforms:In-Browser
  • Minimum Deposit:฿0.000001
  • Deposit Bonus:Not Offered
  • Bonus Code:No Code
  • Rakeback:Up To 50%
  • Bad Beat Jackpot:No
  • Similar Sites:SwC Poker

Contact Info

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  • Supports BTC, BCH, BSV
  • Hourly Freerolls
  • High Stakes Games
  • Create Private Homegames
  • Create Your Own Tournaments
  • Very Little Traffic
  • Poor In-Browser User Interface
  • Hard To Multi-Table
  • No P2P Transfers

  • image Bitcoin Friendly: YES
  • image United States Accepted: YES

Blockchain.Poker Review


Established in 2016, Blockchain.Poker was a Bitcoin poker site with low rake, hourly freerolls, anonymous poker account registrations, a free Bitcoin faucet, and up to 50% rakeback.

All player balances, tournament buy-ins, and cash game stakes are denominated using cryptocurrencies. Each chip is worth one satoshi (1/100,000,000 of a Bitcoin).

On December 8th, 2022, Blockchain.Poker announced via Reddit that all play would end just four days later.

When we came up with the concept for Blockchain Poker, we hoped that it would have an impact on the adoption of Bitcoin as it’s used in the world.

Now, it’s more clear than ever that crypto is here to stay and we feel we have accomplished our goal.

It’s with this in mind that we’re announcing that all play will end on December 12, 2022. We ask that you withdraw your balances as soon as you can. This includes claiming any rakeback and affiliate points you have earned.

We deeply appreciate the support we received over the course of the project’s life. It’s been quite the journey.

If you need assistance withdrawing your balances, please use the feedback form in the upper right.

Similar sites include SwC Poker and Nitrogen Sports. You can read our full Blockchain Poker review below.

Country Restrictions

Blockchain Poker accepted players worldwide. There are no country restrictions. You do not need to activate a VPN in order to play at Blockchain.Poker.

Customer Support

The only customer service methods available to Blockchain Poker players are email and the site’s native “Feedback” ticketing system. The official email address for the poker room is The site is also active on various social media platforms including Twitter, BitcoinTalk, Telegram, and Reddit.



Blockchain Poker players may fund their account using a variety of cryptocurrency and fiat options, but Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Bitcoin SV (BSV) are the only currencies used on Blockchain.Poker.

To deposit BTC, BCH, or BSV, simply send your desired bankroll to the corresponding deposit address. Please double check that you are sending the right tokens to the right deposit account; you should not send Bitcoin to a Bitcoin Cash or Bitcoin SV address.

Blockchain.Poker does recoveries for players if a mistake is made while depositing, plus the poker site has measures in place to make it difficult to deposit the wrong currency in the first place (eg. using and requiring the use of native Bitcoin Cash and Bech32 address formats for BCH and BTC).

Players may also deposit additional cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, or dozens of other coins via a third-party called Sideshift, but the funds are immediately converted into Bitcoin.

If you’d prefer to deposit using fiat methods like US Dollar, Euro, or Pounds, Blockchain.Poker uses a third-party called Paxful in order to allow people to do so.


Users may withdraw from Blockchain.Poker using Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, or Bitcoin SV. There is a small fee associated with all Bitcoin payouts, but Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV withdrawals are completely free.

Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Bitcoin SV (BSV) are the only withdrawal methods offered. Players may not withdraw using any of the additional fiat and altcoin methods available for deposit. You cannot withdraw using Paxful or SideShift.


Blockchain Poker uses OpenSSL’s RAND_bytes to generate random numbers from a CSPRNG. Rejection sampling is used to avoid modulo bias while converting the bytes into integers needed for a Fisher-Yates shuffle, which is performed on the deck immediately before each street is dealt.

Blockchain.Poker is releasing a provably fair tool in 2021 that gives players the ability to check the validity of each BTC, BCH, or BSV poker hand.


Anonymous Accounts

Blockchain Poker users are pseudonymous, meaning that Blockchain Poker does not store identifiable information about their players. This allows players to retain their privacy and protects people in the event of a data breach.


Tables at Blockchain.Poker are limited to one PC per household. Multi-accounting and collusion is covered in section 11 of the Blockchain Poker Terms of Service. Players caught cheating to gain an unfair advantage in play will have access to their accounts permanently revoked and entire account balance(s) forfeited.


Cryptocurrencies allow Blockchain Poker to work with much lower operating costs than traditional online poker rooms. This allows Blockchain Poker to pass their savings down to their users in the form of a free Bitcoin faucet, rakeback, and low rake caps. Here is a table outlining various rake caps and schedules at Blockchain.Poker:

100 Chips100K Chips1%
500 Chips250K Chips2% 
1500 Chips500K Chips3%
10K Chips2500K Chips4%
50K Chips10M Chips5%
250K Chips25M Chips10%
750K Chips50M chips15%
3000K Chips150M Chips20%
7500K Chips300M Chips25%
18M Chips600M Chips30%
40M Chips1000M Chips40%
100M Chips2000M Chips50%

With the price of Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Bitcoin SV (BSV) changing ever so frequently, it’s possible that the above rake caps, or the rake caps shown in other articles, are no longer accurate. For the most up-to-date rake information, we suggest sending an email to

Games Offered

Blockchain Poker is strictly an online poker site. Blockchain.Poker does not offer an online casino, sportsbook, crash gambling, dice, or bingo. You can only play real money poker cash games, sit ‘n go’s, and tournaments.

Cash Games

The majority of the traffic at Blockchain Poker can be found playing cash games. While most action can be found at the micro stake tables, does offer high stake games as well.

If you don’t see a table that you like, players can also create their own cash game tables. When creating your own cash game table, Blockchain.Poker lets you change the table name, minimum buy-in, maximum buy-in, blinds, turn time, time bank, table size, and even set a password.

Sit n’ Go’s

Blockchain Poker offers sit & go tournaments, but you have to create the event that you’d like to play. When creating a sit & go, users have the ability to change the table name, buy-in, starting stack, blind structure, turn time, game variant, table size, and even set a personalized table logo. You cannot create more than one sit & go at a time.


Blockchain Poker has tournaments running at all hours of the day, but the vast majority of these events are freerolls with small prize pools.

Blockchain.Poker users have the ability to create their own multi-table tournaments, a unique feature that is not available at most online poker sites. This makes the poker room an enticing option for players looking to host home games with friends, or sponsor corporate events with co-workers.

When creating a tournament, players have the ability to adjust the tournament name, buy-in, starting date, starting stack, blind structure, game variant, table size, require a password, and even set a personalized logo for the table.


New players at Blockchain.Poker automatically receive 100 satoshis to play with. If your account balance ever runs out, simply click the little birthday cake icon next to your bankroll balance and your no deposit bonus will be ‘topped up’ instantly to 100 satoshis – no strings attached.

Money awarded from the Blockchain Poker Bitcoin faucet may be used to play in all cash games and tournaments on the gambling site’s poker platform.

Players caught repeatedly abusing the Blockchain Poker Bitcoin faucet in order to increase their player balance without legitimate play will be subject to a permanent ban and access to their account(s) will be permanently revoked.

Blockchain.Poker does not offer a traditional deposit bonus, nor does the gambling site require any play-through requirements prior to withdrawing money.

Supported Devices

Blockchain Poker’s user interface leaves a lot to be desired. Players can access the poker platform lobby, their poker account, and the poker tables from any mobile device or tablet, but the best user experience will be had in-browser on a desktop computer.

Anyone with an internet connection can play at Blockchain.Poker. There is no client required for people to download, visiting the in-browser poker platform is the only way to play online poker at Blockchain Poker.

Affiliate Program

If you’re a poker fan and want share your Blockchain Poker review with your family and friends, the gambling site has an affiliate program that rewards current players with real money bonuses for every new player brought to the site.

Use the drop down menu to find the tab for the affiliate program. Inside you’ll find shareable links that can be used to refer gamblers to the poker site. Affiliates currently earn a 8% of their friend’s lifetime rake generated. You can add your referral bonus amount to your account balance at any time.


Is Blockchain.Poker legit?

Yes. Blockchain.Poker has implemented numerous policies to keep your funds, personal identity, and poker playing experience completely safe.

Who Can Play At Blockchain.Poker?

Blockchain.Poker allows players from around the world without any restrictions.

Does Blockchain.Poker Offer Freerolls?

Yes. Blockchain.Poker offers numerous daily freeroll poker tournaments.

Does Blockchain.Poker Have A Bad Beat Jackpot?

No. Blockchain.Poker does not offer a bad beat jackpot.

Does Blockchain.Poker Have A Gaming License?

No. Blockchain.Poker is operating without a valid gaming license. Players likely have no legal recourse if Blockchain.Poker were to suddenly close.

What Are Some Sites Like Blockchain.Poker?

Similar sites include SwC Poker and Nitrogen Sports.

Is Blockchain.Poker Still Open?

No. Blockchain.Poker announced that all play would end on December 12th, 2022. Withdrawals will remain open for an extended duration.

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