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Bustadice Review

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Site Details

  • Software:Proprietary
  • Products:Dice
  • Deposit Options:Bitcoin
  • Payout Options:Bitcoin
  • Platforms:In-Browser, Mobile
  • Minimum Deposit:฿0.000001
  • Bankroll Investing:Yes
  • Deposit Bonus:Not Offered
  • Bonus Code:No Code
  • Similar Sites:Primedice

Contact Info

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  • Huge Max Profit
  • Low 1% House Edge
  • Bankroll Investing Offered
  • Instant Deposits Available
  • Provably Fair Gambling
  • Limited To Just Bitcoin

  • image Bitcoin Friendly: YES
  • image United States Accepted: NO

Bustadice Review


Launched in 2017 following the tremendous success of it’s sister site Bustabit, Bustadice is an anonymous, bitcoin-only dice betting site with high wager limits, instant deposits, and provable fairness. Bustadice is owned by Apis N.V. and governed by the laws of Curacao.

Similar sites include Primedice,, Bitsler, Roobet, DuckDice, and Wolf.Bet. You can read our full Bustadice review below.

How To Play

The outcome of each dice roll is randomly chosen between 1.00x and 1,000,000.00x – it’s up to you to guess a target number that you think the outcome will exceed. If the bet’s outcome falls short of your guess, you lose your wager. But if you the dice roll exceeds your guess, your wager is multiplied by your investment.

Do you take the conservative route and guess that the outcome will exceed just 1.1x, or do you chase the 1,000,000.00x multiplier?

Restricted Countries

Bustadice’s Terms of Service page states that users who are citizens or residents of any of the following jurisdictions are prohibited from using the service: Aruba, Australia, Curaçao, France, Netherlands, Sint Maarten, and United States of America.

However, according to Bustadice owner “devans”, Bustadice’s default assumption for any given user is that they are not prohibited from using Bustadice. A KYC check is only necessary if they have a specific reason to believe that someone is prohibited from using Bustadice, e.g. if they themselves claim they are underage in chat. It’s worth noting that due to the prevalence of VPNs, accessing Bustadice from an IP address in a prohibited jurisdiction is not sufficient to trigger a KYC check.

If a player attempts to register at Bustadice from within the United States, they may be prompted with the following message:

“Warning: Your IP address appears to be from United States of America, a jurisdiction in which we can not legally accept players. Occasionally this a false positive, e.g. the result of connecting through a proxy server in United States of America. If so you may continue provided you are located and reside where such a service is legal. Please remember that is your obligation to obey local laws at all times.”

“Ultimately it’s up to the user to ensure that they always complies with their local laws.”, says devans in this Bustabit BitcoinTalk thread.

Security & Fairness

At Bustadice, the rolls are calculated from the combination of a player’s server seed and client seed. Once created, the crash points cannot be tampered with by anyone.

Regarding security, if you happen to find a bug in the Bustadice website, players are encouraged to contact site administrators immediately. Bustadice will offer you a payment proportional to the severity of the bug, paid in Bitcoin. You can report any bugs you find using Bustadice’ support form.

House Edge

Bustadice has a house edge of 1.0%. The expected return of each wager is displayed below the multiplier, labeled “Win Chance”.

Password Policy

To encourage the use of strong and unique passwords, passwords are randomly generated for all users. Bustadice suggests using a password manager like LastPass or KeePassX to store your password and enabling 2FA to further protect your account.

Regulatory License

Bustadice’s parent company Apis N.V. is licensed and authorized by the Government of Curacao and operates under the Master License of Gaming Services Provider, N.V. #365/JAZ as an Information Service Provider. They have passed all compliance and are legally authorized to conduct gaming operations for all games of chance and wagering. You can view their license here.

Customer Service

There are a handful of support channels available to players at Bustadice including support tickets, BitcoinTalk, Twitter, or by using the chat box located directly on the site. The in-site chat box is the fastest customer service resource, but if you opt to open a support ticket, simply click the “Support” link in the footer section of the website. You can also email Bustadice at


Bustadice is only equipped to accept Bitcoin. Any other currencies (such as Bitcoin Cash) sent to your deposit address will not be credited to your account and cannot be returned to you. As such, all player balances are denominated in Bitcoin, called bits.


Bustadice instantly credit accounts after a single confirmation from the network. Deposit addresses will continue to work indefinitely. All payments to these addresses will be automatically credited to your account.

Old deposit addresses will continue to work indefinitely. All payments to these addresses will be automatically credited to your account. However, to protect your privacy you should avoid using the same deposit address more than once.

Please double check that you are sending the right tokens to your deposit account. If you send the wrong tokens to the wrong deposit address, those tokens could be lost forever, and Bustadice will not be able to provide any help in retrieving them.

There is a very small fee that needs to be paid for each deposit you make. This fee is not immediately charged, but exists “unpaid” until you make a withdrawal or transfer.

The rationale behind this fee is because in Bitcoin to receive a transaction there is a small processing cost (basically the cost to send or consolidate the output). This cost is generally pretty minor and most services generally instead bake it into the withdrawal fee. However by separating out as it’s own fee, Bustadice is able to accurately model true costs, and offer the most competitive fees possible.

For instance, a user who makes 100 small deposits (e.g. from faucets) and then withdraws it, will need to pay the associated fee that represents processing that, and it is not passed on to typical users.

If you don’t want to wait for your deposit to be confirmed, a pre-credit option is available for a 1% fee. Not all deposits are eligible to be pre-credited and your pre-credited balance cannot be withdrawn, tipped or invested until your deposit confirms.


Part of your balance may not be withdraw-able if you have unconfirmed pre-credited deposits or are participating in the current game. As such, only choose a non-immediate withdrawal if you are prepared to wait at least 24 hours.

Your withdrawal will be sent from the Bustadice hot wallet, so do not withdraw to any site that uses the sending address, or returns to sender, because any returns may probably be credited to a different player.

For maximal privacy, make sure to use a Segwit enabled address (should start with 3) and use a fresh address for each receive.

Bankroll Investing

Players at Bustadice can bet on the house (i.e. become bankrollers), and their bet is added to the bankroll such that they win when the house wins and they lose when the house loses.

The bankroll itself is the pool of money that the house uses to pay out winners that bet using the Bustadice multiplier. The max profit that players can win from a round of the game is determined by the size of the bankroll. The larger the bankroll, the more players can win.

The casino’s profits and losses are shared among all investors proportionally to their investment. Whenever the bankroll’s profit exceeds its previous all-time high, bustadice will receive a percentage of the profits beyond the all-time high. No commission is collected on profits below the all-time high.

For example, say the bankroll’s profit all-time high is ₿ 100, it’s current profit is ₿ 99, and players combined lose a total of ₿ 4 in a round. ₿ 3 of that is net profit (exceeding the previous all-time high), so bustadice would receive a portion of that 3 BTC and the remainder would go to the bankroll. The commission is charged in real time, so investors can invest and divest whenever they like.

The commission rate is calculated by converting the bankroll to special drawing rights (XDR), then dividing the result by 80,000,000 XDR. The reference exchange rates for Bitcoin and special drawing rights will be fetched once every 24 hours and are made available at /bankroll_stats.csv.

To capitalize on the dilution fee system, you will want to bet as much as you can on the house as early as possible. As you maximize your stake, you maximize your claim on future dilution fees.

Bonuses & Promotions

Bustadice does not offer any deposit bonuses or promotions at this time.

Supported Devices

Bustadice’s sleek user interface is simple, yet effective when opened from any laptop, desktop computer, or mobile device – There is no client required for users to download and the in-browser software used for the betting platform functions seamlessly without lagging.

History & Background

According to, a website that tracks, analyzes, and compares the results from many of the top dice sites in real-time, Bustadice is regarded as one of the best dice sites in terms of max profit potential, total amount (Ƀ ) wagered, and raw number of bets placed.

Responsible Gambling

For millions of people, gaming is a form of entertainment, but for some individuals who may have a gambling problem, it can be very difficult to stay away.

Bustadice acknowledges compulsive gambling behavior and even provides a link to GambleAware and Gamblers Anonymous in their FAQ under the Gambling Addiction sub-topic. You can read more about Bustadice’s commitment to responsible gambling here.

Responsible gambling is a very serious topic and is actually one of the first factors we investigate when reviewing online gambling sites. We at advise everyone to proceed with caution at any online gambling site that does not have this information readily available to all customers. For more information, please read this article on problem gambling.


Who owns Bustadice?

Bustadice is owned by Apis N.V. and governed by the laws of Curacao.

Is Bustadice legit?

Yes. The outcome of each roll at Bustadice is proven fair. There are third party scripts you can use to verify the game hashes and calculate the results.

How does Bustadice work?

At Bustadice the outcome of each dice roll is randomly chosen between 1.00x and 1,000,000.00x - it's up to you to guess a target number that you think the outcome will exceed. If the bet's outcome falls short of your guess, you lose your wager. But if you the dice roll exceeds your guess, your wager is multiplied by your investment.

What is the Bustadice bit to USD conversion?

1,000,000 bits on Bustadice equals 1 Bitcoin (BTC).

What are some sites like Bustadice?

Some sites like Bustadice include Primedice,, Bitsler, DuckDice, Wolf.Bet, and MintDice.

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