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EtherCrash Review

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Site Details

  • Software:Bustabit v2
  • Products:Crash Gambling
  • Deposit Options:Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum
  • Payout Options:Ethereum
  • Platforms:In-Browser, Mobile
  • Minimum Deposit:$0.01
  • Bankroll Investing:Yes
  • Deposit Bonus:Not Offered
  • Bonus Code:NO CODE
  • Similar Sites:Bustabit

Contact Info

  • Owner:M1C4A3L, Perchlorate
  • License:None
  • Founder:M1C4A3L, Perchlorate
  • Support Options:Chat, Email
  • Affiliate Program:None
  • Social Links:

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  • Social Chatbox Offered
  • Player Tipping Functionality
  • You Can Bet On The House
  • Multiple Currencies Accepted
  • Simplistic & Responsive Design
  • Only One Game Mode
  • No Ownership Information Listed
  • No License Information Listed

  • image Bitcoin Friendly: YES
  • image United States Accepted: YES

EtherCrash Review


Based off the popular Bustabit game concept, is a cryptocurrency crash gambling site that allows players to use Ethereum to put their HODLing skills to the test.

Similar sites include Bustabit,, Roobet Casino, Primedice, and Moon3D. You can read our full EtherCrash review below.

Restricted Countries

There is no mention of restricted countries anywhere on the official EtherCrash website.

How To Play

To play at, all you’ll need is a positive account balance. To start, select the amount of “Ethos” you’d like to bet, as well as an automatic cash out multiplier, then click the big, purple “Bet” button.

Watch the multiplier increase from 1.00x upwards. If you’re feeling doubtful, you can always cash out your bet before your set up cash out limit by pressing the ‘Cash Out’ button.

Winning bets get multiplied by their respective multiplier, but be warned, the multiplier could crash at any random moment, so if you do not cash out before the bust, you’ll lose your entire bet.

There is no limit to how high the multiplier can go. However, if during a game the house is facing a net loss of 1.125% of the bankroll or greater, the server will automatically scale down all players’ winnings proportionately. The current maximum profit per round is displayed at the top of the game.

Do you take the conservative route and cash out at 1.1x your original bet, or do you chase the 100,000x multiplier? Players looking for a quick 2.00x multiplier double up will be excited to learn that it only takes 10 seconds to double your investment.

Auto Betting

Players at are also given the option to bet automatically each round with a fixed bet and cashout amount, or the option to increase or decrease bet and cashout sizing based on previous outcomes.

Like Bustabit, users can also create their own scripts. This feature, however, should be used with extreme caution. No bets can or will be refunded in case of errors.

Security & Fairness

The crash point for each round at is randomly generated by a hash chain whose seed itself was randomly generated. Once created, the hash chain and the crash points cannot be tampered with by anyone.

You can verify that each random crash point belongs to the EtherCrash hash chain by inputting any game hash here. For more information on the validity of each game, check out the EtherCrash Seeding Announcement post on Medium.

House Edge

After taking into consideration the 0.5% Social Bonus awarded at the conclusion of each round, has a house edge under 1.0%. The expected return of each wager is displayed below the “Bet” button under “Win Chance”.

Internet Lag

Since EtherCrash is a real-time, networked game (a game that your client talks to over the internet), there is a delay between the time that you click the cash out button and the time that the server receives your cash out event.

The farther you are from the server and the worse your internet connection is, then the longer it takes for your events to reach the EtherCrash game server. Under perfect circumstances, your message can travel to the server at the speed of light, but it still takes light 134 milliseconds to travel around the world.

The best tool against network lag is to use the auto cash out feature. Since your auto cash out is sent to the server before the game starts, the server can cash you out regardless of lag.

For example, if you are on a bad connection and you want to cash out at 2x, then we recommend setting your auto cash out to 2x instead of relying on your client to send the manual cash out button-press in time.

Disconnect Policy

If detects that you have disconnected from an in-progress game, the site will attempt to cash you out. EtherCrash highly recommends using the auto cash out safety feature to set a maximum multiplier.

Since your auto cash out is sent to the server, it works even if your client has completely disconnected. It is the most reliable way to avoid loss on an unreliable internet connection.


Fraud, collusion, fixing, or any other actions which can be considered unlawful are strictly forbidden at EtherCrash. In the event such activities are taking place, EtherCrash reserves the right to close your account and invalidate any betting.

Money Laundering may report any suspicious transaction to the relevant authorities in order to prevent money laundering. Members should report all suspicious activities related to Games or Services he or she may observe to EtherCrash. In accordance with the Prevention of Money Laundering Act, EtherCrash may suspend an account and withhold funds.

Regulatory License

There is no mention of a regulatory license found anywhere on’s official website. However, the site is licensed by Bustabit and has been modified to run on Ethereum.

Customer Service

There are a handful of support channels available to players at EtherCrash including support tickets, BitcoinTalk, Twitter, Discord, Telegram, or by using the chat box located directly on the site.

The in-site chat box is the fastest customer service resource, but if you opt to open a support ticket, simply click the “Support” tab under the “Account” section of the website.


EtherCrash is equipped to accept Ethereum and Bitcoin natively, but the site has integrated popular exchange platform Changelly in order to accept over fifty additional altcoins including Litecoin, Ripple, and Stellar.

All player balances are denominated in Ethereum, called Ethos. 1 Ethereum = 1,000,000 Ethos, .1 Ethereum = 100,000 Ethos.


Please double check that you are sending the right tokens to your deposit account. If you send the wrong tokens to the wrong deposit address, those tokens could be lost forever, and EtherCrash will not be able to provide any help in retrieving them.


Players can transfer Ethos to any Ethereum address automatically. Withdrawals smaller than the balance of the hot wallet are processed instantly and players will be given the transaction ID immediately.

Larger withdrawals will be shown in your withdrawal page as “Pending” and will require the site to manually remove sufficient funds from their cold storage. This process will typically take less than two hours, but may take up to 24 hours, depending on the time of day and other circumstances.

EtherCrash allows you to choose the gas price on your withdraw. This will generally cost between .03 USD and .13 USD (slow, fast) but these prices vary depending on Ethereum network activity.

Slow transactions can take hours to confirm, so if you select this option please be prepared to wait. Withdrawals must be in increments of 1 ethos, with a minimum withdrawal of 400 ethos.

Bankroll Investing

Players at EtherCrash can bet on the house (i.e. become investors), and their bet is added to the bankroll such that they win when the house wins and they lose when the house loses.

The bankroll itself is the pool of money that the house uses to pay out winners that bet using the EtherCrash multiplier. The max profit that players can win from a round of the game is determined by the size of the bankroll. The larger the bankroll, the more players can win.

Each player can only win 0.75 % of the bankroll per round. Each round can only win 1.125 % of the bankroll. Every time a player makes a bet, 25 % of the 1 % house edge is awarded to the house as commission. The rest of the house edge is awarded to bankrollers.

Every time you bet on the house, 2 % of your bet is paid out to the other investors according to their stake in the bankroll. Put another way, every time somebody else bets on the house, you are awarded a portion of their 2 % dilution fee.

For example, if you bet 1 ETH on the house, then 2 % (0.02 ETH) of your house bet is spread out among the other bankrollers, and the remaining 0.98 ETH is added to your stake.

To capitalize on the dilution fee system, you will want to bet as much as you can on the house as early as possible. As you maximize your stake, you maximize your claim on future dilution fees.

Social Bonuses

The social bonus awarded at the end of each EtherCrash round is a special prize given to the last people to cash out before the game crashed. Getting the bonus is critical to skillful playing of EtherCrash, as it is the only way to overcome house odds.

0.5% of each player’s stake goes into the bonus pot. So if there are 4 players, betting 400, 300, 200, and 100, there will be 5 ethos in the pot. If the biggest player wins, he gets the whole pot. The site works out the rate he would be getting if he won, ie. 400 ethos bet gives 5 ethos bonus – or 1/40th bonus per ethos bet. It then applies the same rate to whoever actually wins.

So if the 100 ethos player wins, he gets 1/40th of 100, or 1.25 ethos. That leaves 3.75 ethos in the pot, which goes to the next best placing player(s).

Suppose the 200 bit player comes 2nd. He is due 1/40th of 200, or 2.5 ethos. There are still 3.75 ethos in the pot, so he gets the full 2.5 ethos he is due – the same as if he had come in 1st place.

Suppose the 300 ethos player comes 3rd. He’s due 3.75 ethos (300/40) but there is only 1.25 ethos left in the pot, so he gets those and that’s all. There’s nothing left for the 4th or worse place players.

1.0% of games will instant bust (1.00x) and no bonuses will be awarded, all other games have bonuses equal to 0.5% of the amount wagered.

Supported Devices

EtherCrash’s sleek user interface is simple, yet effective when opened from any laptop, desktop computer, or mobile device – There is no client required for users to download and the in-browser software used for the betting platform functions seamlessly without lagging.

History & Background

Based off the popular Bustabit game concept, is a cryptocurrency crash gambling site that allows players to use Ethereum to put their HODLing skills to the test. Similar sites include Bustabit, Roobet Casino, and Moon3D.


On October 26th, 2020, EtherCrash’s cold wallet was compromised and two large withdrawals were processed. 6,330 Ethereum was initially transferred out followed by a subsequent 48 Ethereum withdrawal.

Both of these withdrawals were to Ethereum address 0x11CF6c527C22F99c51Fab46459924AAFD96e21F9, where 5 x 100 Ether was subsequently sent to Tornado.Cash, with another 5800 Ethereum transferred into DAI using uniswap (2,304,066 DAI) and then transferred to 0xB1d82216124e79661FD4EfE0E2FCba97C85C6342.

Following the disatrous Ethercrash hack, the site changed it’s sweeping address to 0x0DB109F64f1A73F209b6126F2449C2CB5082E8C3.

EtherCrash also released the following statement:

Perch and I are both devastated with what has happened and would like to ask the community for help in trying to get makerdao recover these funds for us.

Our initial plan on repaying the investors of ethercrash is to not take any commission and have these funds pay back the investors directly. However this may take some time.

We are more than open to any ideas on how we can make things right.

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