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Just-Dice Review

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Site Details

  • Software:Proprietary
  • Products:Dice
  • Deposit Options:Bitcoin
  • Payout Options:Bitcoin
  • Platforms:In-Browser
  • Minimum Deposit:$0.01
  • Bankroll Investing:Yes
  • Deposit Bonus:Not Offered
  • Bonus Code:NO BONUS
  • Similar Sites:Primedice

Contact Info

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  • Bankroll Investing Offered
  • Accepts Players Worldwide
  • Excellent Reputation
  • Provably Fair Results
  • High Max Profit
  • Only Currency Used Is CLAM

  • image Bitcoin Friendly: NO
  • image United States Accepted: YES

Just-Dice Review


Launched in 2013, Just Dice is a fast-paced, provably fair dice site with a low 1% house edge. The only currency used at Just Dice is CLAM, a widely distributed, decentralized, proof-of-stake digital currency.

Similar dice sites and casinos include Primedice, Bustadice,, DuckDice, and Simpledice. You can read our full Just Dice review below.

Country Restrictions

Just Dice accepts players worldwide without any restrictions. You do not need a VPN in order to play at this website. To view our full list of online gambling site country restrictions, click here.

How To Play

Playing the dice game at Just Dice is very easy. To play, simply select a “Chance To Win %”, select the “Bet Size”, then click the “Roll High” or “Roll Low” button depending on whether you think the dice roll will be high or low.

Each time you roll the dice, you get a digit between 0 and 100. When rolling low, you need to roll less than the chance you selected. When rolling high, you need to roll (100 – chance) or over. So with a 30% chance to win, low rolls win with less than 30, and high rolls win with 70 or more.

Alternatively, you can select the “Payout” multiplier and have the “Chance To Win %” automatically calculated for you, or you can select your desired “Profit” and have the required “Bet Size” calculated for you.

Max Profit

The max profit indicator tells you how much the house is prepared to risk per roll, and is based on the size of the house bankroll. This amount remains unchanged whatever your chance of winning. It adjusts in real time as the house bankroll grows or shrinks.

For example, suppose the max profit is 500 CLAM: Players can bet up to 500 CLAM with a 2x multiplier (49.5% chance to win) to double your money.

Or you could bet up to 10 CLAM with a 51x multiplier (1.94% chance to win) for a return of 510 CLAM and so a profit of 500 CLAM.

At the other end of the spectrum you could bet up to 49000 CLAM with a 1.0102x multiplier (98% chance to win) for a return of 49500 CLAM and a profit of 500 CLAM.

Luck Factor

The luck percentage displayed shows how many bets you have won compared to how many you theoretically should have won. For example, if you play 10 times with a 10% chance of winning and win two of the 10 bets, your luck will show as 200%, since you have won twice as many as you ‘should’ have.

Bet size is not taken into consideration when calculating luck, so it is possible to have a luck less than 100% and still show a profit if your winning bets risked more than your losing bets.

For example, suppose you are playing with a 50% chance to win (ie. a 1.98x payout). You bet 1 CLAM and lose. You double up to 2 CLAM and lose again. You double again and lose 4 CLAM, and then double one more time to 8 CLAM and win. You have played 4 times and won once. Your luck shows as 50% since you have won half as many games as you would expect to with a 50% chance of winning, but your profit is positive. You have lost 1+2+4 = 7 CLAM and won 0.98*8 = 7.84 CLAM for a profit of 0.84 CLAM.

Provably Fair

Each time you roll the dice at Just Dice, the server and client seeds are combined with the number of bets you have made since the seeds were selected to create the roll.

Notice that you are shown the hash of the server seed before picking your client seed. This ensures that there is no way we can influence the dice you will roll.

If you’d like to verify that Just Dice is not cheating you, click the ‘Randomize’ button to reveal the current server seed, then follow the instructions in order to generate a new pair of seeds for future rbetsolls.

By doing this, you can verify your dice whenever you like, without having to wait for a daily secret to be published, and you are safe from cheating without the need to set a different client seed for each bet you make.


Just Dice was originally launched as a Bitcoin dice site, but now operates exclusively using an alt-coin called CLAM.

The dice game website does not accept fiat payment methods, nor does it accept various cryptocurrencies including Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, XRP, Tether, XLM, or XMR.

Here is a message from “dooglus”, the owner of Just Dice:

I don’t plan to introduce Bitcoin (BTC) again. Last time it really got out of hand. I don’t want to be holding huge amounts of value for other people. It’s scary. I said recently in the chat that I won’t be opening for BTC again. That’s overstating it since I’m not certain about that, but it’s probably true.

What is CLAM?

CLAM is a widely distributed, decentralized proof-of-stake digital currency. See the official website or the forum thread for an introduction.

The CLAM project was launched back in May of 2014. Every Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin address that had a non-dust balance in early May was given 4.6 CLAMs for free, and that is how all the CLAMs were initially distributed.

If you have a BTC, LTC, or DOGE balance that was funded in May 2014, you already have some CLAM. Players can type “/dig” in the chat tab at Just Dice for more details.


Any on-chain deposits of less than 0.001 CLAMs will be ignored by Just Dice. That limit doesn’t apply to tips between users, only on-chain deposits.

Your Just Dice deposit needs 6 confirmations on the CLAM network before it will be credited to your account. Each confirmation takes around 1 minute on average.

The Just Dice wallet was reset on 1st April 2017. Using old deposit addresses from before then will cause your deposit to be delayed.

If you deposit to an old address accidentally, please wait 24 hours for it to be credited to your wallet. If it do not show up within 24 hours, contact support giving your User ID (from the account tab).


Before being allowed to withdraw your funds from Just Dice, you will need to wait until your most recent deposit has enough confirmations.

The number required is the number of digits in the integer part of the number you get when you square the amount you are withdrawing. For example, a 31 CLAM withdrawal needs 3 confirmations (31 * 31 = 961) and a 32 CLAM withdrawal needs 4 confirmations (32 * 32 = 1024).

Please note that for security purposes there are limited coins available for automatic withdrawal. On attempt to withdraw more than is available, your request will fail but will be logged.

If this happens to you, please follow up with an email to the site admin confirming the amount and the destination address. Your withdrawal will then be processed manually.

Support in these matters usually occurs within a few hours, but can take up to 24 hours during exceptional circumstances.

Bankroll Investing

The site currently charges a 10% commission on net investment and staking profits. The commission rate is subject to change. Notice will be given in this paragraph 7 clear days before any rate change takes effect.

Commission is charged when profits are divested, or at midnight (UTC) on Sunday each week, whichever happens sooner. Commission is never charged twice on the same profits.

For example, if you invest 100 CLAM and it grows to 110 CLAM by the end of the first week, you will be charged 10% of your 10 CLAM profit. If your remaining 109 CLAM investment then shrinks to 105 CLAM over the next week, you will not be charged any commission at the end of that week.

And then, if it grows to 119 CLAM by the end of the 3rd week, you will only be charged 10% commission on the new 10 CLAM of profit over the previous high of 109 CLAM.

At any point you could divest up to your original investment of 100 CLAM without being charged commission since we consider that when divesting you divest the original investment first, and profits later.

Offsite Investing

In order to allow investors to reduce their counter-party risk, it is possible to have some of their offsite funds treated as if they were invested in the bankroll.

Suppose you have 1000 coins. You could send them to your deposit address and invest them all. You would now be entrusting your whole 1000 coins to Just-Dice, with the associated risks.

Alternatively, you could deposit just 100 of them, invest them, and then tell the site “I have 900 more coins that I want to invest”. You keep that crypto safe in your own account, but they are counted as part of the Just Dice bankroll.

Your share of the bankroll and your share of the site’s profits and losses are the same as if you had invested your whole 1000 coins. If the site should have a run of bad luck such that your 100 coins shrinks and you can no longer afford to sustain a single maximum profit loss, your 900 “offsite” coins will be forgotten about.

Your investment will then be whatever remains of your initial 100 coin deposit. In that way you can never get into debt with the site. Note that the site always sets the maximum profit per bet to 0.5% of the total effective bankroll (ie. onsite plus offsite).

So in the above example you invest 100 coins and declare 900 “offsite” coins and your contribution to the effective bankroll is 1000 coins. Therefore you are contributing 0.5% of that, or 5 coins to the site’s maximum profit per bet.

In other words, you are risking 5% of your 100 coin deposit per roll. This is a dangerous move if you don’t really have 1000 coins in total, and could result in you losing your 100 coin investment very quickly. Also note that only onsite coins qualify to share in the site’s staking rewards.

Customer Support

Just Dice players may contact customer service for help via the website’s live chat room, BitcoinTalk, or email address. The site does have a Twitter account for support queries, but it appears to be inactive.

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